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Illuminating Dementia

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JULY 18, 2019 


Illuminating Dementia is a hybrid learning tool that utilizes the Hand in Hand curriculum produced by CMS to aid in learning about dementia and preventing abuse. A Train-the-Trainer program, Illuminating Dementia focuses on the basics of dementia, actions and reactions, and dealing with special situations – all within a person-directed culture framework.


The context of Neighborhood or Household organizations is important because of the unique tools and opportunities they offer.


We’ll experience the curriculum, collaborate on facilitation strategies, and leverage the knowledge of all participants to enrich your take-home tool of the power point slideshows with complete presenter notes


Learning Objectives
At the conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize and share the Illuminating Dementia curriculum and discuss how to use with Hand in Hand materials
  • List facilitation techniques to help Illuminating Dementia participants engage in learning, including stories and examples
  • Plan for approaches to share the curriculum

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